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About Us

Phoenix Century Press was founded in 2012 as an independent arm of the New Century Foundation International, a non-profit organization dedicated to total wellness for the 21st Century by uniting the wisdom, knowledge, and spirit of the East and West.

Until relatively recently, there were basically two ways to get a book published.

Traditional Publisher

The author writes a book, or a book proposal, and convinces a publisher to believe in it enough to invest the considerabe time and resources to bring it to market.

Pros: The author is paid an advance against earnings made if the book sells well. Because the publisher is the sole investor, it is motivated to provide the talent to edit, design, produce, and market the book. Ten thousand or more copies are printed in an initial run and the book appears in bookstores. Because the book has been vetted by an established publisher, reviewers are more likely to take notice and book stores are reasonably confident of being able to sell it. The book is available for purchase to many people.

Cons: The author makes very little money in royalties unless a great many copies of the book are sold. The publisher (not the author) assumes control over the the book's design and content. After an initial marketing effort, if the book doesn't sell well, it may be remaindered back to the publisher for liquidation.


The author writes a book and delivers a fully-formatted manuscript to a printer, who prints a certain number of copies. Or the printer is hired to design the book from a basic manuscript. The author pays the printer for the services and the printed copies are delivered to the author, Then the author sells them. Often called the "vanity press," people would often pay to have their book printed as a gift to family members.

Pros: The author has complete control over content and design.

Cons: Very expensive. If unfamiliar with the book editing, design and layout process, the author must rely on the printer for this expertise. The author must formulate a marketing plan.

Self-Publishing Houses

With the rise of Amazon and digital publishing, many companies now offer prospective authors help with getting their book published. They offer packages of services at different levels and prices for content editing, cover design, interior design and layout, printing and marketing. The quality of the product - and of the experience - can vary widely.

Pros: The author has complete control over content and design. The publishing company assists with editing, design, layout, and marketing.

Cons: May be expensive. The publishing company's editors and designers may be unsatisfactory. Marketing assistance may be obtained less expensivley elsewhere. Publishing company's income is based on fees for services; little interest in actual sales of the book.

The Phoenix Century Press Difference

We are an independent press, with proven designers who have been in the business for more than 20 years. Your book is acknowledged to be unique. We'll give it a design that enhances its uniqueness and gets it noticed. We'll work with you to make it the best book it can be - from the design of the cover and interior to getting it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple Books. We'll guide you through making a version for the Kindle and other eReaders.

Do you have a project in mind? Please contact us.