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At Phoenix Century Press, we are interested in producing high-quality books. This means top consideration is given to overall design and presentation, both inside and out. We want our books to get noticed.

The services we offer begin with the manuscript, and extend through editing the text, discussion of content, designing the cover, designing the interior, laying out the book, proofing, and preparing the finished proof for print publication and eReaders.

Begin with the Manuscript

We ask several questions of a manuscript. Is it quality material? Has the author read it more than once to correct obvious errors? Does it have social value? Will it tend to help people? Does it present material that is new or unique - material that is not easlily available elsewhere? Does it have emotional, humorous or spiritual value? Is it a good read?

We talk these issues over with he author in a candid manner and try to reach a concensus as to whether the manuscript is ready for the next steps.